Schlage Nexia RS200HC Z-Wave Wireless Motion Sensor review

Security of the home comes as one of the top priorities and every homeowner wishes for a smart device that can let them monitor the home at all times. Schlage is aware of such need and the company believes home security is an important matter.

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Schlage Nexia RS200HC Z-Wave Wireless Motion Sensor

Overview and Information

  • It is a home security device that is apt for indoor use.
  • The detection radius is about 20 feet x 39 feet.
  • This smart device makes use of the Z-wave technology that enables the user to detect activity in any area or location within his home.
  • Further, the Z-wave technology permits the user to have a complete control of the device and have a constant monitor of his home wherever he is.
  • It has a special notification feature that alerts the homeowner through a text message or an email when there is an activity detected in his home.
  • There is a video recording feature that makes it possible to view the activity that is detected in the home.
  • It has a smart feature that turns the light on when there is an activity detected at the house.
  • There is no need for wires because the device is battery-operated and the battery can last for two to three years depending on the usage.
  • The device can be used along Schlage Nexia Home Intelligence Products.

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Pros in Buying Schlage Nexia RS200HC Z-Wave Wireless Motion Sensor

  • The device is a great alternative to cameras and can be used in the areas of the house where cameras are not possible.
  • The sensor works excellently that a homeowner can react right away if there is an activity detected in his home.
  • The device has a wide 90-degree detection angle.
  • The sensor has three pet sensitivity adjustable settings.
  • The size is just right and can easily fit in every corner of the house.
  • The device works perfectly in ever-changing temperature and the response is not affected whether the house is cold or warm.
  • There is one free battery included in the package.

Cons in Buying Schlage Nexia RS200HC Z-Wave Wireless Motion Sensor

  • The battery used in this device is the CR123 lithium battery, so imagine how costly a spare battery can get.
  • There is no way the user can detect the life of the battery so the user is left with no clue on how long or short the battery is going to function.
  • Since it is dependent on a network, there usually is a delay in response if the network is slow.
  • The device is made of soft plastic that creates an impression that it is a cheap, under-quality product.


Schlage is one of the best and reliable companies around and that alone is a consideration why this home security device is worth buying.  Supported with the Z-wave technology that provides unparalleled functions for the maximum security and protection to the home, Schlage Nexia RS200HC Z-Wave Wireless Motion Sensor is definitely a perfect choice. Priced at only $55, this smart home device is surely worth the price.

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