Z-Wave light switches

Light Switches: Remotely Lit or Unlit Your Home from Anywhere

The Z-Wave lighting controls facilitate you to use your existing switches to make them intelligent. With the Z-Wave light switches included in the selling modules, you enjoy the freedom to manage lightings in your home from any part of this world. You get to control individual lights in separate rooms and home areas, right from your kitchen, car, nearby gym, or even from a resort’s poolside in some other country.

This is exactly the beauty of Z-Wave wireless network in your home where automation gives you full control over the lighting from any place and at any time. With such a technology, you can set all or some lights to light automatically when you open your main door. Similarly, you can automatically turn on the night lamps as per the outside luminance as well as the Mosquito coils across your property at their predetermined time.

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With the tap of a switch or button, you can create a perfect scene of your choice in your home. Either you dim or turn on – all in unison and in normality without too dim or bright. This ensures a setting of perfect mood with the existing lights. Yes! There is no need for you to buy extra cabling or remove the current switches. You can simply control them with Z-wave wireless switches and switch controllers that you can install just behind the existing switch or light fitting.

Once this is done, they all tend to communicate wirelessly with each other so that you can control, schedule, and automate the lightings for creating particular lighting scenes without investing too much money. You can manually control the lights then from anywhere in the world through a smartphone or laptop. All credit goes to the wireless Mesh network that extends to multiple rooms so that you do not worry about the range covered.


The light switches by Z-Wave are available via kits that enable using on/off wireless functions for diverse wired lights such as LED, incandescent, halogen, xenon, and fluorescent. Most kits come with a primary as well as auxiliary switch for controlling a light source from two different locations. Of the two, the primary one boasts a LED indicator so that you can quickly spot the switch in dark. These kits are more suitable for lights in halls, stairs, and rooms having multiple entrances. There are also dimmer switches available that replace the existing switches, offer wireless and manual control of lighting, and use the current wiring.

The auxiliary switch might not be Z-Wave certified and is not meant for controlling the loads. Therefore, you need to use it with an interoperable Z-Wave, 3-wire switch wherein a light is managed from two locations. The auxiliary switch connects with the Z-Wave switch to render manual control of On/Off/Dim functions as well as synchronization between two switches.

You also get a three button switch for complete control over three different lights by managing a load of 600 watts. Easily added without configuration to a Z-Wave network, it has temperature sensors to keep room temperature to a Z-Wave entryway or thermostat, and is capable of initiating climate control settings.

Most products come with Energy Saving Mode to reduce electricity and features a gloss white finish mapping wit latest wall plates.

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