Z-wave controllers

Z-Wave Controllers: For Smart Home Automation as Per Your Budget and Lifestyle

Have you dreamed of automatic turning on of the lights when you reach home at night after a stressful schedule? Do you think that some lights in your home need to be dimmed at night? Are you passionate about ringing an alarm when someone opens the main door of your home in your absence? Well, regardless of the wish, you can perform all these operations without wasting your time and energy but with a simple click of a button, even if you are in your office or somewhere else. This is exactly where Z-Wave controllers come into the picture for living a smarter way to life. 

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Automated Home Controls Now Meant for All

Before a few years ago, it was believed that automated controllers are only for rich homeowners or posh areas. However, with the introduction of affordable z-wave security systems, the scenario has changed, as even people doing jobs can access them for securing their home through efficient energy utilization.

Identifying a Controller as Per Your Needs

However, the control system that you choose need to give the desires result. This is only possible by determining the home areas that need automation or security. Even before that, you need to identify your needs. For example, some people have the top priority to save money on electricity bill as well as obtain a more efficient control over power consumption. On the other hand, many people consider securing the entire home as the top priority while being away from home.

When you determine your need, it becomes quick and easy to get the most suitable control solution without investing significantly in an all-inclusive system. For example, your home might require only a control system for lighting wherein a Z-wave dimmer controller working with a plug-in mechanism is suitable. You can directly plug in such a dimmer into a wall outlet and support a variety of currents, both locally (inside home) or remotely. Z-wave also offers plug-in dimmers that can dim a cluster of lamps or individual lights, which can save a lot of efforts and time if you are in a hurry.

In case you are unsure of your needs, it is better to prefer a starter kit that seamlessly allows complete home automate, right from fans to iPhone. It is a wireless and secure way to control your home while being away from it, with its plug-in switch controller that monitor consumption of electricity apart from controlling appliances, a home server, a plug-in dimmer, and a control app for iPhone.

The Assortment of Z-wave Controllers

Dependent upon the wireless technology that makes all devices communicate with each other via a remote control, Z-wave offers a wide array of home controllers. These products employ easy but reliable radio waves of low power traveling via cabinets, floors, and walls without interfering with other wireless devices in the home, if any. You can add a Z-wave controller to almost anything that is electronic, which is not necessarily intelligent, like lights, thermostats, and window shades.

We have handpicked some of the best controllers for you, there are even second hand one’s available. Just click on the image or link for more information about a specific controller.