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Z-Wave Thermostats: Auto-control the Home Climate Remotely

There exists a variety of standard thermostats for adjusting the home temperature through a control panel for the installed air conditioning and heating system. However, nowadays, the market is filled with several advanced thermostats that allow you to specify the temperature and change as per the time set. These are known as programmable thermostats that are smart enough to learn from your behavior to control your home climate remotely, adjust as per ambient factors such as humidity, and reveal energy used in real time. 

Such thermostats are available in two varieties: Learning automatically from human behavior that does not need programming and Connecting to Internet for remote management. The latter is more suitable for those who need to monitor the home temperature from any place in the world through an Internet-enabled smartphone or laptop. This is exactly what Z-Wave thermostats ensure!

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Z-Wave thermostats are programmable due to which you can customize it to control your home’s temperature without any frequent manual adjustments. You can program daily and differently to have different temperatures during the four periods of the day. These thermostats can be deployed on your Z-Wave network to heat or cool your property easily and instantly for enjoying effortless comfort. You can even take the advantage of Auto Changes in order to adjust to the prefixed temperature of your home.

Just like other Z-Wave devices, Z-Wave thermostats help in economizing energy usage. You can specify automated temperature routines as per conditions or duration. For instance, when it is noon, you can set Z-Wave to lower your electronic window shades automatically, which signals the thermostat to adjust as per the setting. In this way, the overall energy usage can be monitored to ensure maximum savings for a green living. You can expect annual savings of up to 33%.


In most Z-wave-enabled devices, you will come across similar features such as Internet connectivity via radio frequency, mobile apps, and learning features for auto programming according to your behavior. A Z-Wave-enabled thermostat can do multiple things for you to ensure comfort and convenience even if you are far away from home. For instance, it can shut down after you leave your home for office or holiday and come back into action to make your home cool or hot as per the season just before you step back into home. Several Z-Wave thermostats tend to reveal how long it takes to perform the command you have requested. Therefore, you can find out how effective the climate control system is. Moreover, from the remote interface, it is possible to track how much you are investing in heating or cooling and change the settings to save money.

Many Z-Wave thermostats offer permanent settings for day and time, which are maintained even when power gets cut off. Moreover, they can automatically adjust to the Daylight Savings Time. In short, you can expect:

  • LCD display
  • Convenient temperature setting, program modes, and switching buttons (HEAT/COOL/OFF)
  • Energy saving option
  • Built-in flash memory for storing settings
  • Control remotely
  • Watch dog for preventing system failure
  • Control several independent device over Z-Wave
  • Compatible with HVAC and all standard 24 Volt systems
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius setting
  • Automatic compressor short cycle protection
  • Low battery indicator
  • Battery backup

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