Z-wave motion sensors

Z-Wave Motion Sensors: Remotely Sense Movements in Your Home

The world of Z-Wave security is full of reliable and visually pleasing delights, of which one is a motion sensor. Z-Wave motion sensors are intelligent enough to serve different purposes. You can use them during the day to trigger fans, in afternoon to switch on AC, and at night to lit lights. You can even set them to trigger security cameras, send instant SMSs for notifying any unwanted motion, and even flash lights in the violated area or when a door is being opened at an unusual time.

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Z-Wave offers indoor/outdoor motion sensors that you can use as a stand-alone device to control Z-Wave-enabled devices or with Z-Wave network to manage all devices as well as trigger automation events. The sensors are installable without any need to extra wire or efforts. The brand comes with several options such as single sensor and multiple sensors. In case of single sensor, the detected motion values are reported to the Z-Wave gateway. Such a gadget has a LED to indicate about the detected motion along with the battery level to the gateway.

Usually, the sensors transmit binary command over a frequency band using a Z-Wave enabled transmitter to devices such as switches, fans, controllers, power boards, dimmers, locks, and power boards as well as multilevel commands for controlling temperature. You can easily use these sensors to trigger security /alert application on a Z-Wave network, power on/off switches, ringing a siren, and activating lighting scenes.


Z-Wave multi sensors are affordable as well as easy-to-install devices for sensing motion so that you can control lighting and temperature along with any unexpected movement in home at any point in time. The sensors work by sending messages to up to six Z-Wave devices on the network. When a sensor senses a movement in its range, it has the ability to report lighting and temperature levels in the surrounding vicinity.

The sensors boast built-in resistance for smooth indoor or outdoor operation as well as for functioning in diverse conditions. You can easily configure various sensitivity levels to prevent accidental triggering from pets. Inside the battery area, a sensitivity-adjusting knob resides whose manipulation can adjust it to suit your surveillance needs. There is also a back-plate mounting so that the device can mount flat against the wall. All you have to do is mount the sensor and its packed swivel arm along with the plate to best suit the environment.

Most of these sensors come in 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 capabilities to detect motion through infrared changes. In case of outdoor mounting, make sure that the humidity sensor is towards the ground so that there is no damage due to water that can enter the sensor. Most sensors need four AAA batteries that last for two years. In short, you can expect

  • Small form factor
  • Visually appealing design
  • Instant security through six different devices
  • IR motion and multipurpose sensors
  • Low battery detection
  • IP44 – Indoor/Outdoor capable
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Latest Z-Wave protocol and commands
  • Optimized antenna range
  • Ease of use and installation

Top Z-Wave motion sensors

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