Mi Casa Verde Vera3 review

As far as home automation goes, the options on the market are increasing on a daily basis, thus enabling customers to get more variety in their possibilities. The high competition on the market only means that the prices are becoming more competitive, and that different producers are doing their best to offer more options and features for the same or even smaller prices. This is the main reason why more and more people can now afford to turn their homes into smart ones that make for a more comfortable and eco-friendly living. In this review we will look at the Mi Case Verde Vera3, one of the most popular home automation controllers.

The main features of Mi Casa Verde Vera3

Some of the products that have already gathered a solid following amongst homeowners are the ones from the Vera Smarter Control Range. The Vera 3 model, one of the most all-encompassing and efficient product in the range, has some features that have convinced a great deal of people that getting the smart homes of their dreams is an easy to achieve possibility. Amongst the primary features of this automatic control, we should mention its ability to manage up to 200 devices, the fact that is can be hooked up rather easily to the home’s Internet connection, not to mention that it can send email and text alerts with the aid of a smart phone app.


Outdoor control

One of the things that is often lacking when it comes to home automation controllers is the ability to control outdoor devices. A couple of years ago, when household electronics were limited to the indoor space, this was not much of a necessity, but the situation is dramatically different nowadays. Starting from patio lights, to sprinkler and irrigation systems and outdoor music systems, there is a great deal of electronically run devices that we now use on a daily basis. Adding them to the smart home control system only makes things more comfortable and more efficient from an economic and financial perspective, and Vera3 is able to do so.

How Vera 3 can act like a security system

Given that we live in a world which is becoming increasingly less secure, having some extra assurance and help in this respect is something no one will ever turn down. Apart from enabling you to easily control the electronic devices in your indoor and outdoor spaces, Vera 3 can also act like a security system by alerting you via text about any type of activity in your home and by letting you know what is happening in your home. More so, it can help you prevent hazards by alerting you if you have left anything plugged in or if there are other potential dangers to your home. It is a great help which, when combined with your existing security system, makes the difference in keeping your home as safe as possible.

A small step towards becoming more eco-friendly

We are all doing our best to make a difference when it comes to the quality of the environment, and using this smart home controller only means that you will do your fair share of helping the environment. How, you may ask? Simply by limiting the consumption of conventional energy- it is a small step able to make a great difference.



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