Is the Nest thermostat Z-Wave compatible?

Today we will be discussing an important question: Is the Nest thermostat Z-Wave compatible? Whether this is the case, we will find out in this article. It is important to understand the difference between the Nest, which is a WiFi thermostat and the regular Z-Wave thermostats.

As said the Nest is a WiFI thermostat which communicates at a frequency of typically 2.4GHz. It uses WiFi to be able to communicate with the provided apps, upgrade firmware etc. Basically you are stuck with WiFi as the only communication option. There are however a lot of Z-Wave controllers that have Nest support built in, for example the Vera has a Nest plug-in.
The Vera has an ethernet or WiFi connection which then allows communication with the Nest thermostat.

Picture of the Nest thermostat

Z-Wave is a protocol that communicates at 908.42 MHz which is a entire different technical frequency. So there is no way that the Nest can directly communicate using Z-Wave, unless a new generation of Nest thermostats will support a Z-Wave chip.

Picture of a Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat.

This concludes our short article about the important question: “Is the Nest thermostat Z-Wave compatible?” The short answer is: no. There are however many different options for example plug-ins to make it work together with Z-Wave controllers. We have handpicked the best thermostat deals here for you, so whether you are going for the Z-Wave enabled thermostat or the WiFi enabled Nest thermostat. ZwaveGuide has got you sorted with the best deals (both new and used.


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