2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat Review

If you already have a 2GIG wireless alarm setup and now wish to have a thermostat that can work with almost any HVAC system without a wire, the 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave programmable thermostat can be a great addition. It is a user-friendly, simple Z-Wave compatible device that allows obtaining control of an existing HVAC system at any point in time. Usually, thermostats compatible with a Z-Wave system are not available in plenty, with most manufacturers emphasizing on products compatible with more widely used Wi-Fi connection.


This 2GIG touchscreen thermostat flawlessly integrates with the Go!Control wireless panel of Z-Wave or any other prevalent Z-Wave network to facilitate remote management. Through such management, you get full control over the heating and cooling system of the home even while you are away, with a suitable Internet connection. The best part is that this ability cuts down the energy consumption by permitting users to switch off their thermostat or change the temperature, when nobody is at home.

2gig ct100


With the ability to integrate seamlessly with HomeSeer, the thermostat features seven-day scheduling ability for facilitating a personalized setup of heaters and coolers on each day, which makes it easy to have the most desired temperature during your upcoming holidays or work schedule. This custom way is quite easy to make sure the home is heated/cooled to an optimum temperature level when you are back to home or when you wake up daily.

For reducing power bills, the backlit, easy-to-use screen on the device allows controlling two cooling stages as well as four heat stages. The display makes it easy to setup and do the desired modifications on the fly. Moreover, the temperature reading precision is within1&degF. You can even power it through DC input, C-wire input, or four AA batteries just like the earlier CT models, which means the device is a perfect substitute for any thermostat currently in home. The device also has a 2-year battery life, good Z-Wave range, and auto-mode.


  • Slim and sleek design; thinner than other thermostats
  • Ease of installation, as the device can virtually replace any prevalent thermostat without using additional wires
  • Quiet operation
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Enhanced user experience through touchscreen, programmable control
  • Big, LED backlit screen with clear display showing numbers in big font visible even from a distance and facilitating smooth and simple navigation through the menus
  • Superb connectivity that is consistent and capable of covering quite a big communication range (It is almost double the standard distance of other Z-Wave products) as well as notifying remotely through the Z-Wave controller about the changes in the temperature/settings happening on the thermostat unit
  • Longer battery life
  • Better Z-Wave range than the original CT30 model
  • Affordable


Well, it is only one: Not comprehensive! This means that the device comes with restricted options for programming. Only a Z-wave controller can program the unit, which means it is not programmable on the key thermostat.


For those who wish to have a thermostat that is compatible with the Z-Wave technology, this ZGIG model can be ideal.



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